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What is a Healing Crisis?

Many Reflexology books mention the possibility of a healing crisis occuring after a refelxology session. What is a healing crisis?

,Answer: Reflexology activates the body's healing power, so some form of reaction can usually be expected as the body attempts to re-balance itself. This is commonly referred to as a "healing crisis", and can also be called "a cleansing in progress".

A client's constitution, history, nature of the illness, age, lifestyle, ability to respond to the reflexology session, as well as his or her attitude to the session, will all have an effect on the treatment.

Some of the common reactions to a reflexology session are increased urination, flatulence, increased perspiration, dizziness, nausea, tiredness, or a temporary outbreak of a disease that has been suppressed. This is the body's attempt at re-balancing and the client should take things easy during this cleansing process. It is recommendd that reflexology be performed with at least 3 days in between sessions to provide for this healing time.

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