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Defrosting a Frozen Shoulder in 15 seconds!


Here at the Universal College of Reflexology we work with ear reflexology on a regular basis. The following experience was witnessed by many dozens of people lining up to receive free sample reflexology sessions at an annual Regional Teachers Conference here in Edmonton.

Several years ago I was managing our Universal College of Reflexology information booth at a large teachers’ conference. Graduate students were performing mini foot Reflexology sessions on the conference delegates while I was managing the booth.

Hundreds of teacher delegates were in line, so I decided to ease the load and perform quick mini Ear Reflexology treatments. Let me say that Ear Reflexology when performed correctly may have immediate beneficial effects.

A few delegates moved to my line. One of whom was apparently a very popular and well known person, who presented with a complete and permanent “frozen shoulder” resulting from a severe car accident 25 years ago. She stated that she has tried “everything” and nothing had helped reduce the symptoms. She complained to me that her work has been most difficult as she could barely raise her arm above waist level.

I asked her to stand and demonstrate her range of motion. She could only lift her arm to about 30 degrees before experiencing pain. I asked her to sit. I performed fifteen seconds of warm-ups to her ears and then specifically addressed the appropriate reflex point on her ear by digital palpation application for another 15 seconds.

At this point I asked her to stand and again perform the range-of-motion test. She raised that same arm to 160 degrees. I asked her if she could feel any pain and she said “No!!” In fact, she thought she could go all the way without pain but this was simply too overwhelming for her as she became emotional about this immediate success.

All the delegates who witnessed this event were astonished, and promptly moved over to my line up.

The following year we were invited back to the same convention. The lady who had the frozen shoulder came over, hugged me and told me to watch as she lifted her arm nearly all the way above her head without pain. She said it was a miracle.

The wonders of Reflexology never fail to amaze and this “miracle” only took about 15 seconds!

Submitted by Jack Marriott CMR, CSM


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