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Ear Reflexology - AMD2
On-Campus Course Information


No Pre-Requisites - May be taken by anyone over the age of 18.


Ear Reflexology is growing in popularity due in part to the scientific basis of working with the Auricle or Ear. Great pioneers in this field are Dr. Terry Oleson at UCLA, California, USA , Dr. Nogier in Lyon, France, Bill Flocco, USA and Beryl Crane, Great Britain. This Auricular (Ear) Reflexology workshop will give you a clear introduction to both the theory and practice of working with the ears. Plan to be an expert in the field of Auricular Reflexology and let the rest of the world race to catch up with you! Your instructor Lauren Slade has extensive experience teaching Ear Reflexology to leaders in the Reflexology field.


Will I get a Certificate?

Yes! A beautiful gold embossed Universal College of Reflexology certificate is awarded upon successful completion.


Who can Study Ear Reflexology?

Everybody! There are no pre-requisites. You do not need to have studied Foot Reflexology to study Ear Reflexology - they are quite unique in their own rights.


We have had successful students from 18 to almost 80. Click here

to find out more information on career opportunities with Reflexology.

Some people study Reflexology because they have a personal or family health challenge they have been unable to find relief from, and have heard some of the marvellous stories about people helped with Reflexology. Ear Reflexology is a very powerful add for massage therapy - it has very specific actions on the Musculo-skeletal system.


Is Auricular Therapy new?

NO! The ear has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 1000's of years. In fact, Foot Reflexology is only just being accepted into modern China, in part, because it is based on the same principals of auricular or ear therapy. The ear therapy concept is now widely accepted in Europe and UCR is assisting in bringing those skills to Canada.


What will I learn in this certificated workshop?

The comprehensive and extensively illustrated Universal College of Reflexology's Ear Reflexology Manual is divided into two sections. The first part deals with the Foundation or basis for Ear Reflexology.


The medicinal use of ears has a rich history and covers thousands of years - Hippocrates the Father of Modern Medicine used the ears as a form of birth control! It was also used in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Persia, Arabia and China. It has been used for thousands of years as a specific treatment for sciatica! See History of Ear Reflexology for more information on this fascinating topic.


The Universal College of Reflexology manual covers in detail the five currently accepted Hypotheses or explanations of how Ear Reflexology works.

Other sections of the Foundation portion of the manual cover

  1. Eastern vs Western Approaches to healing

  2. Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

  3. Ear Anatomy and Nerve Pathways

  4. International Standard Auricular Points (ISAP)
    (Reflexology points on the ears have been standardized by the
    World Health Organization, unlike Hand and Foot Reflexology).


The second half of the manual deals with the practical side of giving an Ear Reflexology session. Included are special Ear Reflexology Charts and Maps with a numbering sequence. These charts cross refer to a whole list of conditions and diseases in the body, giving a simple list of numbered reflexes to work for each condition or disease present in the body. It could not be more simple!!


The Practicum section of the Universal College of Reflexology's Ear Reflexology Manual shows you how to

  1. Combine Ear Reflexology with other modalities (massage, foot /hand Reflexology)

  2. How to work specific reflexes for specific health issues

  3. How to give a Self Treatment

  4. Taking a Health History

  5. Complete a Session Record Form

  6. Carry out an Ear Inspection

  7. Give full details of Ear Observations and Indications (every spot and freckle in the ear means something!)

  8. Identify Positive Signs and their Clinical Significance

  9. Complete Ear Reflexology Session Procedures

  10. Frequently Asked Questions about Ear Reflexology


The manual and workbook which accompany this workshop are designed to be an easy-to-follow guide to this natural, effective and safe form of healing.


The classroom tuition of three days is followed by home study and a workbook, as well as a practicum of 30 Ear Reflexology sessions. Certification as an Ear Reflexologist is awarded upon successful completion of both the written and practical exams.


To read what students are saying about this program click here. 


The Ear Reflexology program is part of the Universal College of Reflexology's Advanced Reflexology Diploma Program.


For Full UCR in-class Calendar information click here.


For Distant Learning Ear Reflexology information click here.


For Registration Forms click here.


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